Revolutionize Cloud Security

Introducing ITDR with Identity Access Explorer: Next-Gen Cloud Identity Security

Safeguard your cloud infrastructure with our AI-powered identity anomaly detection system and Identity Access Explorer. Gain better visibility, optimize access management, and ensure robust security against unauthorized access, data breaches, and compliance risks.

Why ITDR and Identity Access Explorer?

ITDR, combined with Identity Access Explorer, provides a comprehensive solution for cloud security. Detect anomalies in identity and access patterns, visualize complex relationships, and proactively address potential risks associated with unauthorized access, data breaches, and compliance in complex cloud environments.

Key Features

Discover the powerful features of ITDR and Identity Access Explorer that make it the ultimate cloud security solution.

AI-Powered Anomaly Detection & Identity Access Explorer

Utilize advanced AI algorithms and graph database visualization to identify unusual patterns, potential threats, and visualize complex identity relationships in real-time.

Adaptive Learning & Risky Account Highlighting

ITDR refines its detection capabilities for optimal security, while Identity Access Explorer highlights risky and privileged accounts, ensuring efficient access management.

Multi-Cloud Support & Escalation Path Detection

Secure your infrastructure across multiple cloud platforms and analyze escalation paths, helping to mitigate potential risks associated with unauthorized access.

Real-Time Alerts & Shortest Path to Admin Privileges

Receive instant notifications of potential threats and discover the shortest path to admin privileges, enabling swift response and mitigation.

Intuitive Dashboard & Unused Account Detection

Monitor your cloud security with an easy-to-use dashboard and detect unused accounts, reducing the attack surface and ensuring efficient access management.

Compliance and Reporting

Maintain regulatory compliance with automated reporting and audit-ready documentation, reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties and fines