User Stories

See how we’ve helped leading companies enhance their cloud security postures through our consulting, auditing, and monitoring services.

SOC Audit Facilitates Vendor Transition

Challenge: A long-standing client with a three-year engagement with a security operations center (SOC) sought an audit of their existing processes to consider partnering with a new vendor.

Solution: We conducted a comprehensive audit of their SOC, providing insights and recommendations to enhance their security strategies and facilitate a smooth transition to a new vendor partnership.

Purple Teaming Tests Cloud Resilience

Client: A company fully integrated with Azure.

Challenge: The client needed to assess the resilience of their SOC against cloud security threats.

Solution: Through purple teaming, we simulated cloud security attacks to test the SOC’s detection capabilities. We identified gaps in their security and provided detailed guidance on enhancing their defensive measures and overall security posture.

Merger Security Integration

Client: A company recently acquired by another firm.

Challenge: To ensure that their Office 365 and Microsoft Azure environments were secure and up-to-date.

Solution: We conducted a baseline security audit and provided a step-by-step remediation plan to bolster their security framework, aligning it with the new company’s standards and policies.

First-Time Cloud Infrastructure Audit

Client: A company reliant on Microsoft 365 and Azure, without prior security audits or in-house security expertise.

Challenge: To identify and address vulnerabilities in their cloud infrastructure.

Solution: Our team audited their Microsoft 365 and Azure setups, pinpointing weaknesses. We then guided them in enhancing their security configurations, significantly strengthening their cloud security posture.