A weak AWS cloud security posture exposing more companies to risks


2021 was an interesting year for the cyber security community with cloud attacks spiraling out of control. At least 79% of organizations have encountered numerous cloud security problems within the last eighteen months. For example, SEGA Europe left an AWS S3 bucket containing highly sensitive information exposed to breaches. At the same time, high-level information security Amazon employees warned that millions of personal records could be breached due to compliance and privacy inadequacies.

In light of this, your organization requires a competent service provider to secure your AWS environments. At SecuriGeek, we perform an AWS Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), where we use an automated tool to optimize your AWS security. SecuriGeek CSPM permits you to have a greater AWS discovery and visibility, identify misconfigured AWS S3 buckets and remediate them, detect threats continuously, and integrate DevSecOps.

Is Your O365 Secure?

Undisputedly, organizations worldwide are accelerating their digital transformation initiatives to meet the growing needs of a mobile-first or cloud-first business environment. At the heart of this transformation is Office 365, which has made a name for itself as a leading SaaS and cloud app for business today. Despite this, many companies have mixed feelings regarding the use of O365 solutions since the data is not in their datacenters. Therefore, the burning question is what about security? How can your ensure that your O365 ecosystem is secure? How do your maintain control over the security of your data even if Microsoft is the custodian?

The volatile security landscape does not make it any better. For example, advanced phishers are exploiting the Adobe cloud to target Office 365 users. Hackers are targeting Adobe Creative Cloud accounts to use them in forwarding phishing messages that can thwart traditional O365 security checks, including advanced threat protection measures. Also, Microsoft security researchers detailed a phishing campaign where hackers use phishing campaigns like deploying Morse code to harvest O365 login credentials.

These and many other reasons are why your organization requires an in-depth and industry-standard O365 audit. At SecuriGeek, we can audit your O365 environment and collaboration tools, such as OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, etc. Allowing SecuriGeek to perform the security audits is necessary to ensure your company’s O365 ecosystem is secure and resilient against attacks. the following diagram illustrates some of the benefits of auditing your O365 offerings through a SecuriGeek audit.

A Security Operations Center is Important, But you Audit It?

Large scale cyber-attacks hit multiple oil companies across Europe, including Netherland’s Evos, SEA-Invest in Belgium, and Oiltanking in Germany. While experts rule out the possibility of a coordinated attack, the three companies’ IT systems were severely damaged or disrupted. Similarly, attacks targeting hospitals and health systems at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic affected more than 45 million people. Also, cybersecurity experts expect that ransomware attacks will increase across European countries.

Such incidents imply that the importance of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) cannot be underscored. A well-equipped SOC contains technologies, processes, and people that assists companies in identifying, responding to, and prevent adverse cybersecurity incidents to ensure a robust security posture. In addition, SOC centralizes a company’s cybersecurity monitoring and attack response activities to ensure personnel and resource availability when needed. In light of this, many organizations have deployed and equipped their SOCs in anticipation of harmful cyber incidents but overlook one integral part – security.

The primary role of performing a SOC audit is to evaluate how effective your company is in detecting and preventing attacks while providing a comprehensive and repeatable reporting process that helps establish transparency between your organization and other stakeholders. Any organization that collects, processes, or stores sensitive data like health, personal, or financial information requires a SOC audit.

But how can you audit your SOC competently? This is where SecuriGeek comes in. SecuriGeek can deploy its specialists to help your company evaluate and measure its SOC maturity using industry-standard frameworks. Allowing SecuriGeek to audit your SOC provides you with relevant information on how you can enhance your SOC’s efficiency. In particular, a SecuriGeek SOC audit provides you with the following benefits.