Cloud Forensics – Challenges and Benefits


Cloud computing has become a popular option for many businesses, especially in the past few years. Cloud services are convenient, easy to use and provide a lot of benefits. However, not all data will be stored in the cloud; some is still kept on-premise. If you need to investigate a case involving cloud forensics then […]

Top Cloud security threats to be aware of in 2023

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Cloud computing has many benefits, including increased flexibility and scalability, but it also introduces a number of security risks that organizations need to be aware of. In this blog we’ll be discussing some cloud security risks that you should look out for in 2023 : Configuration mistakes : “>”>One of the major risks to cloud […]

Container security


Introduction Containers are a great way to run software and applications in isolation. However, there are security implications that need to be taken into account when using them. This article will provide an overview of container security best practices and how they relate to your organization’s goals. What is container security? Container security is a […]

What is threat modeling?


Threat modeling can be defined as a process for improving application, system, or workflow security by identifying goals and weaknesses, followed by the definition of defenses to stop or lessen the consequences of system threats. A wide range of objects, comprising software, applications, systems, networks, distributed systems, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and workflows, can […]

Public Cloud


The term “public cloud” refers to computing services made available to anybody who wishes to use or buy them via the open Internet by third-party providers. Free or on-demand sales options are available, allowing users to pay only for the CPU cycles, storage, or bandwidth they use. So what makes public cloud different from private […]

One Step Closer To Securing Your Azure AD


Firstly, let’s see what Azure AD is! Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a service for managing identities and access in the cloud. This solution facilitates access to thousands of additional SaaS applications, the Azure portal, and external resources like Microsoft 365 for your staff members. They can also access internal resources like applications on […]

A weak AWS cloud security posture exposing more companies to risks


2021 was an interesting year for the cyber security community with cloud attacks spiraling out of control. At least 79% of organizations have encountered numerous cloud security problems within the last eighteen months. For example, SEGA Europe left an AWS S3 bucket containing highly sensitive information exposed to breaches. At the same time, high-level information […]

Enterprise Level Vulnerability Assessment

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If you are a part of infosec community you must be already familiar with the term vulnerability assessment. “The process of defining, finding, categorizing, and ranking vulnerabilities in computer systems, applications, and network infrastructures is known as a vulnerability assessment.” An information system’s security flaws are systematically examined during a vulnerability assessment. It determines whether […]

Cloud Cryptography And Its Working


Cloud computing has emerged as a great refuge for business owners, allowing them to access IT services delivered to them via the internet, without having to maintain it by themselves on physical servers. Some of the most popular cloud service providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. However, just like any […]